Our Aims & Values


Young activists at a youth trike for climate protest in Norwich. One activist is holding a handmade sign reading 'We are hope.'

We will build a diverse network of activists

We will work to reduce inequality and achieve social change

We will support people globally to benefit their local communities

We will build and promote the resilience of young people

We will encourage others to speak up, to participate and to take a lead in social change


Young Activists delivering social change training

We are respectful and compassionate

We recognise, respect and celebrate people’s differences

We believe that love is radical and powerful


A handmade sign reading 'one planet, one chance.'

We respect people’s choice and experiences, and respect all young activist’s values and wellbeing equally

We reflect upon the work we and others carry out

Our work is honest & transparent; we will share resources and knowledge around the issues wherever possible

We will be conscious of our responsibilities to protect the environment and the impact of the choices we make

We will actively seek out opportunities to influence change globally and in the local community