Stolen Skin – how it feels to be sexually harassed

Tw: sexual harassment
Young activist Taryn Everdeen:

In November, Nell and I created an anonymous google questionnaire to learn about the severity of public sexual harassment. This was filled in by over 150 people and we found it deeply distressing to read the stories people shared with us. It revealed the ages these incidents began, where they happen, who they happen to and how often. It happens everywhere. It happens to everyone. It happens all the time.

There were particular locations that reappeared, such as night life establishments and public transport, however it showed that there is more beyond these stereotypical areas. Also, not only were the predators sometimes strangers, there were many who knew their perpetrators personally. My point being that there isn’t one ‘type’ of story there are many and too many.

We’d like to thank those of you who filled in the questionnaire, thank you for being brave enough to share that with us, we are so grateful. The aim of our short film was to capture literally and conceptually how it feels to be sexually harassed in public. We intend to shed light on what people endure every day and don’t speak about; to remind victims that they don’t have to degrade their experiences and they have a right to report them.

CREDITS: A project by Nell Basley and Taryn Everdeen. Shot, edited and music by Taryn Everdeen. Prose written, performed and modelled by Nell Basley. Audio featuring Carrie Collier, Hubert Czubaj, Isabel Duckmanton and Oliver Shaw.

SUPPORT ORGANISATIONS: (Supportline 033 300 6389) (24 hour crisis support 365 days a year) 116 123 (for everyone) (for men specifically)