Young Activist Network Co-Founders

Young Activist Network (YAN)
A photograph of young activist Ruby.


Ruby has worked on campaigns to protect public sector funding and advocated for the improvement of local and national mental health services for young people. Rub co-produced a report into Mental Health provision for young people in Norfolk, and sat on the Norwich Youth Advisory Board. One of Ruby’s other main passions is ensuring that all young people have opportunities to have a voice, get the most from their education, and feel proud of their place in society. Ruby is a fantastic graphic artist and is currently working in a school.

A photograph of young activist Anthony.


Anthony is a social activist, working to help young people overcome societal issues such as benefits, housing and mental health in the workplace. Anthony does this through participating with statutory services and employers to improve their offer for young people. Anthony also has a passion for finding stress-relieving activities to promote positive wellbeing. Anthony was a Young Commissioner of Great Yarmouth Youth Advisory Board for 7 years, as well as a member of The Young People’s Mental Health Services Steering Group. Anthony has spoken at many events, facilitated training and workshops and offered peer education around his lived experience of social injustices.

A photograph of young activist Jaxon.


Jax was labelled ‘the least likely to succeed’ at school and so he made it his mission to prove people wrong – Jax is a university graduate with a BA Hons degree in photojournalism. Jax focused a lot of his photography and dissertation on ‘the natural environment and how human interaction affects it’. Jaxon has both completed and delivered Legal and Civil Rights training and has written an article ‘Is it ok to be an activist?’ which was published in the Eastern Daily Press. Jax tackles the negative stereotyping of ADHD and is a loud vegan fuelled by amazing food. Jax has worked on the frontline during this pandemic and is currently embarking on a Covid-19 and Climate Justice photography campaign.

A photograph of young activist Rebecca.


Rebecca has advocated for youth voice for many years through having sat on the Great Yarmouth Youth Advisory Board. Rebecca passionately encouraged statutory services to be more inclusive and accessible to all young people, with a focus on developmental disabilities. Rebecca’s activism has focussed on rural isolation, better transport links and improving online youth work. Rebecca has been an Ambassador for 42nd Street in Manchester while at University completing a degree in Computer Science and is an LGBTQ+ rights activist.

A photograph of Young Activist Andrew.


Andrew has actively been passionate about mental health for many years, in particular isolation & loneliness. Andrew is currently a carer, and has been working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. Andrew has worked on various campaigns including anti-bullying and improvement of youth mental health services whilst being the Chair of the Great Yarmouth Youth Advisory Board. Andrew has humble beginnings; coming from a less fortunate background, through kindness & being considerate, he has made it his life goal to help others.

A photograph of Young Activist Ryan.


Ryan has passionately supported disability rights and equal opportunities for all for many years. Ryan has advocated for the rights of young people with disabilities in Norfolk to be listened to and respected within statutory and voluntary service provision. Ryan has developed a Disability Awareness campaign to ensure there is equal access for all young people to activities and venues. Ryan has sat on the Norwich Youth Advisory Board, spoken at events with The Department of Education and represented England at an International Disability and Activism Conference. Additionally, Ryan is dedicated to ensure that society does not restrict or pre-determine what career path or education options a young person has, based on where they grow up or go to school.

A photograph of young activist Esther.


Esther is passionate about protecting the environment, and has completed conservation work in Costa Rica. Esther has worked to educate people about how they can contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future. Esther has also supported work on a variety of issues, such as children, adolescent and adult Mental Health Services and the lack of funding for public services. Esther is completing a Degree in Biology at the University of Liverpool.